• Prang Sam Yot

    Phra Prang Sam Yot is located on a mound on the west side of the railway near San Phra Kan. The compound comprises three prangs linked to one another by a corridor. It reflects the Bayon style of Khmer art during the 12th -13th century. It was made of laterite Read more [...]

  • Dev Mandir

    Shree Sitaram, Shree Radakrishna, Bhagvaan Buddha, Bhagvaan Shiva, Shree Durga Mata, Shree Sati Ranee, Shree Ganesh and Shree Mahavir Hanumanji.http://www.distancesfrom.com/directions-from-suvarnabhumi-airport-to-dev-mandir-Bangkok-Thailand/DirectionHistory/3310674.aspx www.devmandirbangkok.com

  • Devi Mandir

    The temple consists mainly of the Goddess idols portraying all three main forms of Ma Durga ie,Maa Vashnaviji Maa Luxmiji and Maa Saraswatiji.All the rituals are practiced by a brahmin priest from India.The pujari performs the daily pooja withall Hindu and Thai devotees attending the main festivals through out the Read more [...]

  • Erawan Shrine

    Located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping haven, Erawan Shrine is easily accessible, it’s within walking distance from Chitlom BTS station. Opposite of Gaysorn. This is the shrine to the four-faced Bhrama and has a very significant history to its building in 1956. It was built to ward off bad Read more [...]

  • Mariamman Temple

    This Temple Three Inner main God’s Ganesh , Karthik with Uma Devi( Sri Mahamariamman) in center. The Procedure of Prayer is to pray Ganesh First, Karthik Second and Sri Mahamariamman in Third. Other than this three Separate premises for Lord Siva available out circle of the Temple , Bramha Statue Read more [...]